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ten reasons not to buy fake indoor grass for dogs

Fake indoor grass for dogs

When I said using indoor grass for dogs is lazy, I learned some people are convinced fake grass for dogs is the world’s greatest invention. I disagree. I still think it’s lazy.

Here are 10 reasons not to buy fake grass for your dog. Some of the ideas came from comments on my last post. For more information, check out my post on 10 reasons to buy fake indoor grass for dogs.

1. Owners of small dogs have enough problems with housebreaking.

We all know at least one person who owns a Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua or Pomeranian that pees in the house. I’m not talking about old dogs that can’t hold it. I’m talking about 2-year-old dogs that still aren’t potty trained.

If the owner can’t train her dog to go to the bathroom outside (one of the easiest things to teach a dog), how will she train her dog to pee on fake grass? This will only encourage the dog to pee on carpet, rugs, couches and mattresses. I am a professional pet sitter and I see examples of this every week.

2. What about dogs that lift their legs?

Are you going to buy him a few fake trees and bushes to go along with that grass? Or maybe he’ll just pee on the wall?
3. Fake grass for dogs is not the same as a litter box.

Cats have dignity and cover up after themselves. Dogs using this product won’t be covering up anything. They’ll probably step right in it. Or maybe they’ll do that thing where they kick their back legs and fling some poop onto your carpet. My dog has an annoying habit of walking while he poops. If I bought fake grass for him, he would probably walk right off the edge!

4. Dogs are not as sanitary as cats.

Cats are naturally clean animals. Dogs are naturally filthy. They are careless, they roll in things and they eat garbage, dead animals and poop.

5. There are other options than the “Potty Patch” if you work long hours.

Dogs shouldn’t be left alone for too long. Many people who work long shifts have dogs, but they come home during their breaks, take their dogs to daycare or hire a dog walker or pet sitter. Dogs are pack animals and need interaction. Leaving a dog home for 12 hours or more several days a week is similar to leaving a dog chained in a yard.

6. Fake grass for dogs won’t take away all issues.

The average housebroken dog can go eight or nine hours without going to the bathroom. If you are leaving your dog home for shorter periods and she is having accidents, there might be a bigger issue than her not being able to hold it. She could have a bladder infection or anxiety. If you have recently moved, she might not understand where she can and can’t go to the bathroom. Purchasing indoor fake grass is unlikely to solve these problems.

7. “At least the dog has a home” is a poor excuse.

Dogs need more than food, water and a place to relieve themselves. Some of the country’s most troubled, abused dogs are the ones confined to basements, kennels and backyards. They never get walked, trained, exercised or socialized, but because these dogs live in nice homes (with fake grass!) nobody says anything.

8. Lots of dogs eat their own poop.

Let’s face it, many of them do. I think this would be too tempting for a lot of dogs. Some dogs will eat their poop and their owners won’t even know it.

9. The dog will get walked less.

Most dogs don’t get walked enough already. This product will give owners another excuse not to walk the dog. It’s bad enough that so many small dogs get nothing more than a five-minute walk to relieve themselves. Now some will be lucky if they get outside at all.

10. Training a dog to use this won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Owners who don’t have time to let their dogs out are not going to take the time to properly teach the dog how to use the indoor grass. Dogs conditioned to go outside are not going to understand the concept of peeing on fake grass in the house. They will have to be trained, and it could take a week or months for them to learn, depending on the dog and the owner. Most dogs will never fully understand the concept.
What’s your opinion on fake indoor grass for dogs?

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