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The Sphinx

The sphinx or sphynx remains to be one of the most distinct domestic cat breed, identifiable though the breed’s lack of a full coat of fur. Though often described as “hairless”, the sphinx actually does have hair, though not as “thick” as one would consider hair on cats to be.

Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore managed to showcase the unique breed as a CGI-live action feature, with the 2010 hit revisiting the original Cats and Dogs premise of secret agent cats and dogs locked in a secret war.
Revenge of kitty galore
In the “Cats and Dogs” world, humans are not aware of an ongoing dispute among the two most common domestic pets. With each faction having a stand towards “tolerating” the human existence, the showcase feature is one which has been well loved by children and adults alike.

In Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, a sphinx cat played the role of antagonist, with the voice talents of Bette Midler giving life to the character.

“Hairless”, the unique breed also has unique care and maintenance requirements, particulars which are not often necessary with regular cat breeds.

Regular bathing would be one requirement, with sphinx cats requiring baths on a regular basis. With normal cats, certain body oils are readily absorbed by their fur. Since sphinx cats don’t have a full coat of fur, weekly baths are required to do away with the build up of oils on their skin surfaces.

Ear was also tends to be a problem with sphinx cats, also caused by the breed’s lack of a full fur of coat. Also, given the fact that they don’t have a full fur coat, sphinx cats should not be over exposed to direct sunlight for long extended durations.

Though they don’t have a full coat of fur, sphinx cats are still cats, and as such they still come with the inherent traits – the good and bad – which cats are known to have.
sphynx cat

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sphynx cat picture

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