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Dog Communication

Dog communication is relatively a new “trend” happening in different pet circles based in different parts of the world.

Not to be mistaken for dogs literally communicating with people, ie talking to people, the use of the term “dog communication” actually refers to a standardized series of movements and sounds which a dog makes or does, signaling what he or she means or wants or wishes to convey.
Dog Communication
Countless short stories, comics, TV shows and movies have delved into storylines where dogs can actually talk to human beings, with the 1998 released Dr Dolittle starring Eddie Murphy being one of the most popular.

Though Dr Dolittle didn’t only focus on talking dogs, including all sorts of talking animals from chimpanzees to horses, it had successfully planted the idea of communicating with animals, leaving many to wonder just how things would go in households and in homes.

But fantasy aside, dog communication is basically the closest thing to dogs talking to human beings, a communication mode which dogs can be trained to do, as a means of better expressing themselves to their masters, and as well as a means for masters to better understand their dogs.

When talking about dog communication, dog movements including body language plays a vital role. From the baring of teeth to the positioning of ears, sound inflections are also matched in combining certain expressions, movements which dog masters have to be well aware of too, just as dogs know what a combination of actions would translate to.

Informally, dogs and their masters can come up with their own doggy language, basing a dog’s particular movements to mean certain terms and expressions. Having a dog trained for dog communication is also one option for dog masters, in helping them better understand what their dogs have need of or how they are feeling.
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