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How can I chat with other dog people?

Question: How can I chat with other dog people?

Answer: Sometimes it isn't easy connecting with other dog nuts, and being around people who do not understand your commitment and need to talk "dog" can be frustrating as well as lonely at times. 

Well, come on in! About Dogs has a wonderful online community of dog lovers just like you. Join us on The Dog Park, where many dog lovers and dog experts gather to chat about our favourite species and share knowledge. You can browse the discussions as a Guest, or you can join to become an About Member here, and post any questions you might have. Joining is free and easy. 

Take the time to read the Rules Of The Forum, they are there to help make your welcome go smoothly and easily, and then hop on in! The Dog Park is a wonderful, laid-back community comprised of many dog lovers, and we are happy to include you in our "pack".
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