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It’s nearly impossible not to talk about poodles in general dog breed discussions, given how popular poodles are as toy dogs.

Believed to be originally bred for water retrieval excursions during hunting sessions, the poodle is argued to have hailed from Germany where it was once called the pudelhound, taking after the word pudel which translates to “to splash about”.
Poodles painting
Bred in miniature, toy dog sizes, poodles are typically small, with their masters often found carrying them around as though they were cats.

The direct-to-video sequel of Open Season, the 2006 released Open Season 2, featured a poodle character named Fifi as its villain, depicting him in a somewhat contradictory manner, just as how Mr Tingles in the Cats and Dogs movie franchise was depicted as a white, generally harmless looking cat, but with evil intents and purposes.

Though the depiction of Fifi as the bad guy in Open Season 2 could be pegged as an ironic take on the poodle, a lot of misconceptions about the breed is known to prevail, with most convinced that they are simply silly dogs who don’t do anything else than just be pampered.

The truth is that poodles are actually very intelligent dogs, and contrary to most opinions, they are highly active and energetic, requiring a lot of regular walks and exercise.

Grooming tends to be a matter of concern when talking about poodles, with different owners giving them regular hair cuts and trims in maintaining their lush looking looks.

Popular among countless dog circles based in different parts of the world, poodles are generally considered as an “elite” dog breed, one where regular grooming plays a pivotal role in their keeping.



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