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Tips on giving your Dog a Home Checkup

Sometimes, we’re too busy to drive out to the vet and have our dog checked on. Regularcheckups can actually help your dog live longer and stay healthier. Some dog owners would set up appointments every other month, but many of them can't commit to these schedules. However, there are a few things that you can do at home to check on your dog’s health. Doing a self-check up on your dog can help you spot common health concerns.
giving your Dog a Home Checkup
Here are some tips to get you started.

Calm the dog down
Many dogs normally hate going to the vet because they associate the trip to an unpleasant feeling, such as the pain the feel when getting their shots. The first thing you need to do is to calm your dog down. Just pat them and let them relax, don't make such a big deal about it.  Immobile dogs, such as the ones that have DM in dogs, are easier to handle since they only stay in one corner of their mat or bed, already relaxed.

Head to foot

Start with their head and check their face. Look at their eyes, ears and mouth to see any mucous, abnormal growth, discoloration and anything that looks different. Move down to their torso, check their limbs for anything that looks like an injury or something that could cause pain. Don’t miss out the pads of their paws and check for cuts and marks.

Brush it out

Brush through their fur and check for any lumps and bumps. Their fur needs to look and feel healthy. if it’s falling out, then the dog could be sick. Bumps and lumps under their fur could be a sign of parasites like ticks and fleas, so run your fingers through their fur to check their skin.


Let your dog walk and run around to check how they balance or if they shake while they move. Shaking on the back limbs is a sign of a number of illnesses such as DM in dogs, arthritis, and other nerve, joint and hip problems.

Stool test

The easiest way to know if your dog is having digestive problems is to check their stool. If you see blood or mucus on their stool or if it’s liquid, it’s possible that your dog is experiencing digestive problems. there are basic home remedies that you can give to your dog but if the problem continues for days, then you will need to send them to the vet.
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