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Brown Monkeys

Generally considered to be different from apes, monkeys – particularly brown monkeys – have long been at the forefront of popular animal-centered stories, with some monkeys being allowed as pets in certain places.

Curious George, featured in the children’s book series of the same title, is one of the world’s most famous brown monkeys, with the series being authored by Hans Augusto Rey and Margaret Rey.
Brown Monkeys
In the story, Curious George is brought by the “Man with the Yellow” hat to the City, taken from his original home in Africa, and tells of the adventures the monkey gets to experience. With its first story published in 1939, “Curious George” has been adapted to different TV-feature shorts, with its books still popular all over the world.

Just as popular as Curious George is as a character, brown monkeys are also quite popular as character-creatures, with that popularity status being shared by apes like the chimpanzee and orangutan.

Though monkeys are different from apes, the distinction between the two is often misunderstood, considering how closely related they are.

Generally, the main difference between apes and monkeys can be defined in the presence or absence of a tail, with apes having none while monkeys do. Though there are “tail-less” monkeys, these are still not considered as apes, something which causes to be a point of confusion among non-ape/monkey experts.

Considered to be quite intelligent, monkeys are mostly arboreal, spending a lot of time atop trees, but species which spend a lot of time on the ground are known to exist, like the baboon.

With their particular quirks as a species, keeping monkeys as pets is highly regulated by different enforcement agencies, as their care and maintenance is not a joking matter.
Brown Monkeys

Brown Monkeys

Brown Monkeys
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