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Can Dog eat Broccoli ?

Broccoli is one of those healthy superfoods for us humans, but how about out best friends? Even though it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins, a dog’s digestive system is different than ours, so simple vegetables like broccoli will not be broken down the same way. In this case, it’s not whether it’s dangerous to give your dog broccoli, but whether they need to eat it at all.

As much as we depend on them for their company, dogs equally rely on us to take good care of them as if we would a clingy child. Dogs have specific needs that they cannot provide themselves or to each other and this is where we come in. One of the most important fundamentals of keeping your dog healthy is providing them with a well-balanced diet. Although dogs can often be seen rummaging through garbage bins for food if they get the chance, believe it or not, dogs can’t eat everything.

There are certain foods that have been shown to be lethal for dogs if consumed in large amounts, one of those foods being broccoli. You might be a little confused as to whether or not your dog can munch on this green vegetable, as some healthier choices of dog food actually contain small amounts of it in their recipes, but we’ve got the low down on this matter.

Can My Dog Eat Broccoli? Answer: In Moderation, But Not Necessary

In general, broccoli isn’t poisonous. It’s actually a great source of fiber for your pet dog, not to mention the perfect snack your dog can chew on to naturally clean your their teeth. The only issue you’ll ever have with broccoli is the amount that’s devoured by your dog. Broccoli contains the ingredient isothiocynate, which is known to cause major gastrointestinal issues in dogs if eaten in large amounts.

How Much Broccoli Is Too Much?

The amount of broccoli that your dog can consume without experiencing any negative side effects specifically depends on the size of your dog. One piece of broccoli to a Labrador might be fine, but could be potentially deadly to a pint-sized dog such as a Chihuahua. It has been determined that your dog can have some broccoli as long as it accounts for less than 5% of their daily food intake. Any more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet can cause serious stomach problems and can be fatal if it makes up more than 25%.

Why Should I Continue To Feed My Dog Broccoli?

Dogs are just as prone to sickness and disease as we are, and in order to prevent illness from even occurring nourishment from different kinds of foods is a must. Broccoli is high in antioxidants, which are known to fight cancer-causing cells. Chlorophyll is a pigment that can be found in green leafy vegetables and is proven to protect our bodies against exposure to carcinogens. Another important nutrient it has is bioflavonoids. This is a specific vitamin known to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-cancerous properties therefore lessening the chances of you and even your dog from developing any related health ailments. Lastly, it is a great source of fiber and if taken occasionally, can regulate your dog’s bowel movements.

How Can I Incorporate It Into My Dog’s Diet?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with directly feeding your dogs with some broccoli as long as it’s in small proportions. Instead of adding a few stems to their bowl to chew on, you might want to try your hand at homemade dog food. Below is a simple recipe that incorporates a little of it into your dog’s diet.

- 1 pound lean meat (chicken or turkey)
- 2 cups brown rice
- 1 cup carrots
- ½ cup of chicken stock
- ¼ pound broccoli

- After steaming the vegetables, you want to add all of it including the cooked rice into a food processor.
- Mix in the chicken stock.
- Add bite-size pieces of which ever lean meat you decide to use.
- Let it cool.
- Serve.

This is a fairly easy recipe that makes use of broccoli. Your dog will be sure to love it. Again, giving it to your dog is acceptable just as long as it’s in moderation.
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