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Is there hope for my dominant rescue dog to get along with my other dogs?

Question: Is there hope for my dominant rescue dog to get along with my other dogs? 

We have a rescued Akita who believes she is the alpha female. Her problem is with other dogs. She can't be near one without knocking it down and standing over and not letting them up. No blood yet, from either, just lots of noise. She is great around little people, adults and even cats. Just other dogs. Any chance of trying to socialize her now? Would really like to see her with our other dogs.

Yes, there his hope, but she has to see all humans as WAY above her so she respects you enough to listen when you disagree with her dominating another dog. Daily pack walks with the dogs she does not get along with, where all dogs are made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, will greatly help the situation. After reading the How to properly walk a dog page, scroll down to the other articles at the bottom. They should all provide insight on how to communicate with her that you are above her and do not approve of her domination towards any other being. I also recommend you tune into the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel to learn how to make the corrections. If you do not get that channel, there are DVDs for sale. There is hope for her for sure, however all humans in the family need to show her they are boss over her and make her respect them enough to listen when you tell her you do not approve.
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