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Badgers, as members of the animal kingdom, are not as popular as Wolverines are, though the two are often linked as distant cousins, given their similarities and tenacities.

Once Upon a Forest, the 1992 animated feature produced by Hanna-Barbera and released by 20th Century Fox, featured a badger character as one of the main protagonists in the film, along with other woodland creatures such as woodmice, hedgehogs and moles.
With questions often raised about how good an idea keeping a pet badger is, a number of exotic pet owners suggest that keeping one can be quite troublesome, with the badger’s particular characteristics and traits.

The “Hassle” in keeping Badgers

In their natural habitats, badgers are known to “wait for food to show up”, which could generally include the consumption of dead meat whenever it is around. Though they are known to occasionally “hunt” for smaller rodents when they encounter them, the “dead meat” aspect to a badger’s diet may not be so easy for pet owners to fulfill.

Also, badgers are known to be unpredictable, and when matched with the fact that they do have long sharp nails, the possibility of being badly scratched is one which pet experts also often raised. Though badgers are generally okay with other domestic pets, instances of a house cat or dog being injured by one are known to prevail, a condition which comes from the unpredictable status of badgers.

More importantly, there are different rules and regulations related to the keeping of badgers as pets, and these rules differ from one state to another.

Those who do manage to secure the proper permits required to keep badgers have to generally pass certification standards which are related to their care and upkeep. From the size and secure state of enclosures, to the ideal habitat where a badger can be itself, factors related to ensuing their security from escaping and proper care and maintenance are regularly checked by authorized agencies.

Though it is not impossible to own a pet badger, their upkeep has led many to rethink their choice in keeping such an exotic wild animal as a pet, something which requires a lot of evaluation in the part of those who have plans of keeping one.

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