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Great Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Feline Fan

By Tamara L. Waters

Christmas,  Christmas time is here, time for joy and time for cheer. . . chipmunks may sing about what they want for Christmas, but what do cat lovers want? Is there a song for that? Probably not, so instead, here are a few ideas for your favorite feline fancier. Give them something that appeals to their love of cats and you're sure to make them purr (sorry, bad pun).

Cat Pattern Blankets - Buy or make fleecy blankets that have a kitty pattern on them. Your kitty lovin' friend will enjoy a snuggly blanket with pictures of their favorite animal scattered all over it – great for a chilly winter evening!

Coffee Table Books - Pictures of cute kitties are always a hit. How about a collection of pics? Check your local bookstore or an online retailer like Amazon for a coffee table book filled with pictures of cool kitties.

Kitty Calendars - Cats might rule over your household, but they're not the greatest when it comes to keeping track of what day it is. Get your favorite cat lover a kitty calendar to help them stay on track in light of their cat's lack of date keeping.

Stuffed Kitty Cats - How about some whimsy for that kitty collector? Stuffed animals are not just for the kids; grown up cat lovers can enjoy them too. A cute stuffed kitty cat will put a smile on your friend's face and add a touch of fun to their decor.

Jewelry - Because I am an animal lover, my kids know it's always appropriate to give me fun and funky pet jewelry. Take a browse through a novelty jewelry store in your local mall for some cute cat-inspired jewelry. At my local mall, I have found necklaces with kitten charms, earrings, hair accessories, watches and more.

Tree Ornaments - While most of us with cats presiding over the household know that the cat spends time in the Christmas tree, give a Christmas tree ornament for those times when kitty is occupied elsewhere. After all, what is a Christmas tree without a cat? Better yet, if you can snag a picture of your friend's kitty cat, look for a ready-made ornament that will hold their kitty's picture. You can bet your friend will love it!

Christmas Decorations - Deck the halls with cats and clawies. . .okay that's lame but it's a great idea! How about a fun set of cat-themed Christmas decorations?

Framed Art or Statues - Does your friend like art? Look around for cat statues for the home or garden, or framed artwork featuring cats.

White Elephant Gifts - This is probably my favorite cat loving gift idea. Browse through your local thrift stores for anything cat-related and fill a box or a gift bag full of gently used items. Small knick knacks, decorations, pillows, clothing and more can be a fun and unique Christmas gift for your friend.

Kitty Socks - This is a perfect gift for me or any sock-loving friend who also loves cats. Funky socks with cats are a must have for any cat lover. My favorite cat socks have a puffy kitty face on the top of the foot and they're adorable – they keep the tootsies warm and they're cute too.

Take a look at what is available in local stores and browse through some websites for fun cat gifts. Check out websites like or for more great ideas.

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