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Stocking Stuffers for Pets

By Suzanne Alicie

The holidays are fast approaching, and you may be wondering how to make sure your pet is involved in the gift giving that your family will enjoy. A pet stocking stuffed with some of the things your pet needs or enjoys through the year is a great way to include your furry friends.

A few years ago I found a pre-filled dog stocking that was made for larger breed dogs. It included some chew toys, a good thick collar with a secure buckle, some treats, a dog brush and other grooming supplies. When I realized that all of the items were available individually for a much lower price, I decided to do my own pet stockings, but I got some great ideas from that one.

Puppy Stockings

Puppies always need things. They grow rapidly and will need larger collars, increasingly larger toys, lots of CANIDAE Snap-Bit™ treats for training, and personalized tags for their collar. Clothing and other accessories such as puppy booties can be fun for everyone. I’ve found that many of the items for a puppy belong under the tree rather than in a stocking – a doggie bed or a new crate just aren’t stocking sized.

Doggie Stockings

Dogs are just grown up puppies; of course they will appreciate getting some CANIDAE treats and fun toys in their stocking too! A good smelling dog shampoo, flea and tick treatment, a sharp new pair of nail clippers and other grooming supplies will help you keep your dog clean and healthy throughout the year. Collars and leashes and maybe a warm coat will have your dog looking sharp on your winter walks through the neighborhood.

Kitty Cat Stockings

Cats love to play. You may find that your cat would rather bat and swing from his stocking than see what is inside. When you take the stocking down and show your cat a pile of fun toys that roll, jingle, swing and hang you will see just how excited the aloof sophisticate can become. While it may be tempting, avoid giving your cat string to play with – string is very dangerous for cats, and this includes gift ribbon and tinsel from the tree. Be sure to include some yummy cat treats and maybe a new flea collar, and of course a little catnip, and you’ll have a happy kitty cat.

Pets are a part of the family. They will enjoy playing with the paper and boxes that the holidays bring, and they always enjoy spending time with their people. Take a few minutes this holiday season to fill a stocking for your pet. Essentially, these items are things you will need for your pet anyway. However, it’s fun to include your pets in the excitement of opening gifts, so why not put a few small gifts in a stocking and let your pet check them all out!

Be sure to heed all warnings before presenting your pet with a new toy. It is important to choose size appropriate toys to avoid choking and other problems. The same advice pertains to products for your pet’s grooming needs. Don’t get so excited about the holiday season that you forget to pay attention to labeling and guidelines.

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