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Are Treats the Cat’s Meow? Or a Dog’s Delight?

By Julia Williams

Does your pet go bonkers for treats? When the treats come out, do they immediately transform into half-starved wild beasts that practically maul you to get at the goods? Does the sight of the treats make them act like their last meal was at least a century ago, and they need those treats RIGHT NOW and not a moment later? Do you not dare offer the treats with your bare hand, lest you find it missing a finger? Do treats make your pets prance madly around you and implore with soulful eyes that could melt the hardest heart, let alone an animal lover like yourself?

Well…do they? Or are my cats the only creatures who exhibit such “to die for” love for their treats? I sure hope not. That would make me feel odder than I already do as the Crazy Cat Lady (CCL) who prefers feline friends over many of the two-leggers I know. Please tell me I’m not the only pet owner who gets a kick out of doling out the treats, precisely because of the over-the-top reaction this elicits.

My cats love their treats so much, sometimes it seems as though if they didn’t get them, they’d throw their sparkle balls and catnip toys into their little kitty suitcases and go live at the neighbor’s house. I feed my cats two square meals a day, and although they do make quite a racket when I’m dishing out their FELIDAE canned food, it’s nothing compared to the wake-the-dead meowing that ensues at treat time. I was talking on the phone one time while getting out the treat canister, and the person on the other end thought I had turned my home into a cat sanctuary because it sounded like 300 cats instead of just three!

Yes, treats are oodles of fun for our pets, and they’re fun for us too. Aside from that, treats can be used to positively reward good behavior, as training aids, and as a way to deepen the amazing human-animal bond we all want to have with our pets. No, I don’t really think my cats would run away if I stopped giving them treats – but why chance it?

Especially not now, when I’ve just learned that something I’ve been anticipating for months is finally here! As the editor of this blog, I had inside information on a new line of soft treats CANIDAE was working on. I am simply over the moon that the maker of the food my cats have eaten for more than six years is FINALLY introducing cat treats! Yay! This is huge to me, because I am 100% certain that these are healthy treats. How do I know? They’re made by one of the best natural pet food companies I know of, for starters. I’ve also checked out the ingredient list, and as a responsible pet owner I know good stuff when I see it.

These new cat treats are called TidNips™, and they come in a chicken-based formula that my treat-happy felines are going to love. But guess what? CANIDAE would never ignore all of their doggie pals – TidNips are available in three flavors for pooches too! The TidNips line for dogs includes a chicken, turkey, lamb and salmon formula, a chicken and rice formula, and a lamb and rice formula. TidNips treats also have Vitamin E (an antioxidant) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids for healthy skin and coat.

Now, I must confess I’m a little miffed that the kitties only get one flavor of TidNips and the doggies get three. Seems a bit unfair, don’t you think? Nevertheless, I know my cats won’t mind, and when I break out the TidNips treats, all kinds of rip-roaring, chicken-licious feline fun is going to occur. My house will never be the same – and hurray for that!

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