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koala australia animal pets wallpaper
Koala Animal
Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of the marsupial animals, animals from Australia and is a typical representative of the family only Phascolarctidae.
Koalas can be found along the east coast of Australia from Adelaide to Cape York Peninsula, and until far into the hinterland as there is sufficient rainfall to support suitable forests for koalas.
Koala able to climb trees with skilled and can cling to trees because their long arms and sharp claws, ua finger separate the front of the other three fingers. If we compare it with human hands, as if they had two thumbs. Thumb, which is very different from the other fingers, to help them stick to the small branches. Like hooks, nails koala stuck in the tree, and thus stick to the surface of the trunk is soft and smooth. This is what makes life easy koalas in the trees.

Koala known as a very lazy animal, they can move very quickly in the trees. In fact they can jump from one branch to another, a distance of one meter with a single bound. Female koala bear a child every two years, and just like kangaroos, they take care of her son in a pouch. During the first month, the baby koala lives in its mother's pouch. After this period, the baby koala and then climb back their mothers for a year. Parent koala makes a favorite tree in the eucalyptus forest to be home because they eat eucalyptus leaves - and that's just their food! This is why you can find a koala in Australia, where eucalyptus trees abundant.

Although there are more than 600 species of eucalyptus trees in Australia, koalas only eat certain leaves of 35 species among them. Koalas can not live in any place because, besides being a store of leaves, eucalyptus tree is a special residence for them. There are many different types of koalas. Each takes a different eucalyptus leaves. If you plan to move a koala, you must bring with eucalyptus leaves are eaten. Koalas are very rarely out of the tree because they are difficult to move on the ground.

Eucalyptus leaves are composed of different chemical substances. These chemicals are toxic and harmful to the animals except for koalas. Before swallowing, koalas munching leaves it with his teeth. Hazardous substances in the leaves were filtered in koala liver tissue expelled from the body. Food that is highly toxic to other animals, do not endanger the koala. In fact, koalas can eat a kilogram of leaves of the poisoned every day without problem. Even they get water from these leaves. In certain seasons, two thirds of eucalyptus leaf consists of water. Therefore, only by eating eucalyptus leaves, koalas can survive without drinking water. The tops of eucalyptus trees can be very windy. For this reason, the koala has very thick fur.

Harmony between a poisonous plant and an animal shows that the koala and eucalyptus trees have been created by the same Creator. This Creator, who created everything perfectly, surely God, the Lord of hosts.

koala australia animal pets wallpaper
Koala Pets

koala australia animal pets wallpaperkoala australia animal pets wallpaper
Koalas and Eucalyptus leaves
they are inseparable

koala australia animal pets wallpaper
Face Koala Wallpaper

koala australia animal pets wallpaper
Koala Wallpaper
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