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Narwhal Whale

narwhal whale fish species horn rare artic
Narwhal is a type of whale that has a horn, narwhal fish classified as very rare, they are only found in the area waters north pole, which is precisely in the Arctic ocean, but sometimes also seen far to the east to Russia. Like other whales narwhal Narwhal also mammals and carnivorous animals, they mumpunyai teeth.
  • Horn
Narwhal has spiral horns that make this animal seem strange, horn-like we have seen in a unicorn (horse fiction in fiction). This makes the researchers and scientists to be curious to examine it, and note that Narwhal Horn useful to detect changes in temperature, pressure, and salinity of water, where the narwhal horn is similar to the membrane surface is very sensitive. There are approximately 10 million nerves that connect to the surface of the horn. Narwhal horn length can reach 2.4 meters and body narwhal 4-5 meters.

As with other whales, narwhal whales also use sound to communicate with each other. Scientists have long known that marine mammals use sound signals to communicate with each other in the water. Recent research even suggests that whales have their own language. However, not many recent studies on identity diguankan sound like a narwhal whales. The researchers believe narwhal whales use sound to identify each other and distinguish one individual to another individual.
Pope routine narwhal migration thousands of miles and in groups. And with different voices, each one can distinguish the individual in the group or other group. The results of this study published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America edition of September 2006.

narwhal whale fish species horn rare artic
Narwhal Picture at Arctic Ocean

narwhal whale fish species horn rare artic
Narwhal Whale

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