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Ragdoll Cats Species

ragdoll cats breed pets animal wallpaper picture
a Ragdoll
Ragdoll is one type of cat that has a thick coat but did not like his ancestor is long angora cat. Ragdoll cats have blue eyes, this cat is really very beautiful. Ragdoll was first developed by Ann Baker with a cross between the Angora cat with some cat species Briman an unknown type. At the beginning of this cat developed body does not recognize its existence because the association is not known the exact origin of this cat is produced, but this time the cat of this type has been registered in the registry, the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) and acknowledged its existence. For now Ragdoll development was almost all over the world.
Ragdoll has a quiet nature like his ancestors angora. Ragdoll cats are pets, so it has a very docile nature and in the treatment of fur is not as difficult as angora cat fur is not as long Ragdoll cat angora fur.
Ragdoll cat species including a large domestic cat, to cat ragdol female weighs approximately 3.6 kg - 6.8 kg were fatherly male Ragdoll cat has a weight of 5.4 kg - 9.1 kg or maybe more.

ragdoll cats breed pets animal wallpaper picture
Ragdoll Cats
pets wallpaper

ragdoll cats breed pets animal wallpaper picture
Ragdol cat picture

ragdoll cats breed pets animal wallpaper pictureragdoll cats breed pets animal wallpaper pictureExplore more Ragdoll Cats on this site.
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