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Paws and Purrs Abound at Pet Expos

By Suzanne Alicie

If you haven’t ever attended a pet expo, you should make it a point to do so. There are organizations all over the country that host pet expos throughout the year. The world’s largest and most well known is the America’s Family Pet Expo held each spring in Southern California.

So, what exactly is a pet expo?  Basically, it is a showcase for pet products and services all set up in one location for a certain amount of time. But believe me, it’s a lot more exciting than walking through the pet store. Just imagine booths and tables set up, stages and videos all over the place. A pet expo is a pleasurable attack on the senses that is lots of fun for pet lovers of all ages. There are demonstrations of pet products, attractions and competitions as well as helpful and informative representatives from each of the companies involved to answer your questions. Simply put, if you are a dog or cat owner, you should definitely check out a pet expo.

The America’s Family Pet Expo held in Orange County, California on April 15-17 is the biggest and best! Visitors will find not just cat and dog displays but all sorts of pets including birds, rabbits, fish, reptiles and creepy crawlies. Just visiting the expo this year, you’ll see more than 1,000 animals!

CANIDAE is sponsoring the Splash Dogs Dock Diving competition again this year. This popular sport involves dogs jumping from a dock into a large pool, which is then judged for distance. While some of the canine competitors might cover a mere few feet before they splash down into the water, others are exemplary athletes who can sail 20 feet or more.

CANIDAE will also have a consumer booth indoors at the expo, and another booth outdoors near the Splash Dogs event. CANIDAE reps will be on hand to talk to pet owners about proper nutrition and hand out coupons and free samples of their premium quality dog food, cat food and gourmet treats.

There’s something for everyone at the America’s Family Pet Expo, from fun performances to working dog demonstrations and Police K-9 demonstrations. There will be experts on pet feeding, training and grooming who will demonstrate their techniques and even offer tutorials and tips for responsible pet owners. There will also be adoptable pets at the expo, so you can not only pick up a new family member but also learn how to care for your new fluffy friend.

You can learn about decorating aquariums, how to interact with birds, and all about fish and reptiles. Kids, this is your chance to convince Mom and Dad that you need a snake! The parents can get all the information they need to help them make a decision. Once you’ve had your fill of finned, feathered and scaled pets, wander over to check out the cat show, petting zoo, horse demonstrations and pony rides.

The America’s Family Pet Expo is three days jam packed with all things pets. Your whole family will have fun as you explore new gadgets and toys for your pets and learn more about how to make sure your pet is as happy and healthy as he can be. You’ll find fundraisers, raffles, auctions and more to help pet organizations. Learn more about pet expos with Julia Williams and her article about the Michigan Pet Expo, and be sure to stop by the CANIDAE booth to say hello!

If you can’t make it to the America’s Family Pet Expo this year, be sure to check with your vet or local pet store to find out when another pet expo is coming up that you can attend. There’s nothing like wandering through a huge expo filled with pet lovers for a great time.

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