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Tiger Fish

tiger fish carnivora piranha
Tiger Fish
Recently, a biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade publish catching goliath tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) weighing 80 pounds on the River Congo in Africa through his video clips. The video can be seen on the show "River Monster" on Animal Planet TV.

Perhaps the Piranha is a killer in the world's most famous river, as most horror films tells of fierce killers this river such as "Piranha" (1978), "Piranha Mega" (2010), and "Piranha 3-D" (circulated in August). Most of us have seen this killer recordings with sharp triangular teeth rip and ferocious meat efficiently.

Although piranhas have a fearsome reputation and dangerous, but very rarely do piranha attacks on humans. Piranha only scratch the animal was seriously injured, although there are some reports that confirmed if there are people who were killed by them. Though dogs and bees kill more people than the piranha.

In addition there are other types of piranhas are Megapiranha which has a length of 3 feet (1 meter) or four times the size of the piranha in general. Scientists are not sure why this megapiranha fish has 7 teeth zig-zag, while piranhas usually only has 6 teeth. Fortunately megapiranha creature is not much of a threat, after the death of several million years ago.

Although it is not so dangerous to humans, the two most deadly creature in Africa often lurk unseen in the continent's murky river is crocodile and hippopotamus. Jaws of a deadly and terrifying teeth responsible for hundreds of deaths each year.

Supernatural story about a monster entity on the river almost every culture. For example, North American Indian legend says many spirits and entities that live in rivers and lakes. Tibetan Buddhists believe the Cobra is a snake that lived in rivers. Unfortunately, strong evidence of the truth of the monster of the river are still difficult to comprehend.

Maybe someday scientists will be able to make a living Megapiranha (a la "Jurassic Park with genetic engineering"), but until then a monster river more Hollywood fantasy than fact. Goliath tigerfish nasih even considered a fantasy before the widely publicized.

tiger fish carnivora piranha
Big Tiger Fish

tiger fish carnivora piranha
Appearance Tiger Fish

tiger fish carnivora piranha
Big Capture

Wacth Tiger Fish In Congo RIver

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