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Tarantula Mexican Red-Kneed

tarantula mexican red kneed wallpaper pets animal
Mexican Red-Kneed
Tarantula is a sepcies of spiders. Tarantula's body is much larger than the spiders and they have fine hairs seseluruh parts of his body, which makes these animals look beautiful. Tarantula become one of the popular pet for the fans of arachnids. Tarantula also has a poison so you have to be careful with this one animal.

Many species of tarantula found in tropical regions, subtropical, and arid. Tarantulamemiliki vary in color and behavior in accordance with their specific environment. But in general there is a tarantula's life on the ground, they beburu prey, like mice, birds and others, from the spin webs to trap prey. Nets tarantulas are generally only used to protect the eggs and closing liangnya.

Like many other wild animals, tarantulas also have a deadly enemy, the Tarantula Hawk is pepsis parasitic wasp, wasps can paralyze a tarantula with a sting and lay eggs on the spider's body. When the eggs hatch, the wasp larvae gorge themselves on the still living tarantula.

tarantula mexican red kneed wallpaper pets animalThis is the most popular type of tarantula.

tarantula hawk
Tarantula Hawk
This is the main enemy of tarantula. insect compatriots who hunt tarantulas as its main prey. Dangerous of these insects is the sting, one of the researchers who've been stung Tarantula Hawk describes it feels "... all parts of the body becomes paralyzed because of the pain rara avis.
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