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Beagle Dogs

beagle pets dog information puppy breeds
The Beagle Puppy Pet

The ancestor of the Beagle, the Talbot Hound, may have come to England from Normandy with William the Conqueror in the eleventh century. It could have been crossed with the Harrier and other types of English hounds. The name Beagle may have come from the French word begueule that means “gaped throat,” in reference to the breed's melodious bay; or perhaps is also of Celtic, or old English origin. The word ‘Beagle’ was first used in 1475 but became popular in the 16th century. In the late 19th century the Beagle became regarded as a competitor in various exhibitions. Beagle later became one of America’s all-time favorite dog breeds. The Beagle was actually bred for the hunt, and does it well. Powered by a sense of smell as strong as that of a bloodhound, Beagles tend to follow what is indicated by the smell and ignore everything else. This means obedience training early in life is a must.
Beagle Appearance

The Beagle is a dog that looks like a miniature Foxhound. It is medium-sized, with coarse fur, so it is protected from the brush when hunting. Beagles are very friendly dogs that get along well with humans or other dogs when joining a group of hunters.

Beagle Temperament

The Beagle is one of the most friendly hound-type dogs. The Beagle is a hunting dog who easily establishes friendly relations with both people and other dogs. These dogs like to roam outdoors. Beagle is an independent dog, gentle and wonderful. Baegle dog is a dog who is very energetic and active. Beagle is very vigilant to not show shyness or signs of attack. Beagle can be very mischievous and bold, so precaution is needed when exercise and socialize as well. Beagle dog is a very nice dog in the family, because they are a cheerful dog and can adapt. But Beagle dog likes to bark and howl.
Beagle Grooming

Grooming Beagle dog is very easy because the body does not have body odor. They do need baths more often than other dog breeds. The reason is their keen sense of smell—they roll over anything with a smell they like and wear it as “dog cologne”. The problem is what smells attractive to a dog may not smell nice to a human being. Trust me: you’d be better off with that Chanel Number 5.

Beagle Health

The typical lifetime of Beagles is 10-13 years, which is a long life expectancy for dogs their size. Beagles generally are a healthy breed, but some Beagles can be susceptible to epilepsy, dwarfism (Funny Puppy), and Hip Displasia—a trait it shares with its larger ancestor, the Harrier. They may also ocassionally get diseases of the spine discs. Obesity can afflict older or sedentary Beagles, and so keeping them exercised with moderated feeding is essential. If they feed like people, they will develop diseases similar to people, and that includes arthritis. Because Beagles’ ears are so close to the ground, they can easily get ear infections. Eye infections also sometimes develop as part of their active hunting lifestyle. Sometimes, a Beagle may sound like it’s gasping or choking—“reverse sneezing.” This is not a medical condition and is harmless.

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beagle pets dog information puppy breeds
Beagle dog full appearance

beagle pets dog information puppy breeds
beagle puppy

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