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Chihuahua Mini Dog

chihuahua pets dog mini puppy animal picture
The characteristics of the chihuahua dog dog's head is shaped like an apple. chihuahua dog's ear is big and beautiful. Chihuahua dog has a face that was suspect. Chihuahua dog was also not very fault-finding, he only barks when met with a stranger. Chihuahua is very suitable for use as an alarm dog. Chihuahua dog's eye color should be dark colored, black or brown nose if his fur color white or younger. Chihuahua is a very spoiled dog, jealous, and very close to pamiliknya. Chihuahua including intelligent dogs and easily trained. This little chihuahua dog temperament, but they are very suitable to be used as pets.

chihuahua pets dog mini puppy animal
chihuahua pets dog mini puppy animal
Chihuahua Dog Picture
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