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Chinchilla Longhair Cat

chinchilla longhair kittens cat infomation pets photo animalChinchilla Longhair Cats has a kinship with Persian cats. Cats Chinchilla Longhair is also known as Chinchilla Persian cat race or Janjira, originally developed in the UK. Chinchilla Longhair is the most elegant Persian cat. Chinchilla Longhair is known as "silver paint, " perhaps due to race this cat has a coat of white hair. Divided into two types namely Chinchilla chinchilla bright colors (true) and a rather dark (silver gradation). Longhair Chinchilla fur is thick, dense and long and not too elongated body to the rear. Chinchilla Longhair has a nose-like medium. Nature Chinchilla Longhair is very aggressive, agile and fear of the unknown.
  • Grooming
As Persian cats have long hair, thick dense that can not be cleaned effectively, you need regular grooming to prevent matting. To keep your skin in its best condition, should be bathed regularly, dried carefully afterwards, and brushed thoroughly every day. An alternative is to shave the hair. Your eyes may require periodic cleaning to prevent accumulation of bark and tear stains
  • Health Issue
Modern Persian Short shell has a broad skull, round and shortened face and nose. This configuration allows the face to race subject to respiratory problems, skin problems and eye problems birth. anatomical abnormalities associated with races shell short can cause shortness of breath. Deformed tear ducts causes epiphora, an abundance of tears on the face, which is common, but mostly cosmetic. It can be caused by other serious conditions themselves. Entropion, bending inward of the eyelid and eyelashes rub against the cornea and can lead to tearing, pain, infection and corneal damage. Similarly, in trichiasis of the upper eyelid or nasal trichiasis time eyelashes / hair of the eyelids and nose hair once near the eye develops in a way that rubs against the cornea. Dystocia, abnormal or difficult work, is relatively common in Persians. Therefore, stillbirth above normal, ranging from 16,1% to 22,1%, and a 1973 study put kitten mortality (including stillbirths) to 29,2%. A veterinary study in 2010 documented the serious health problems caused by the brachycephalic head.

chinchilla longhair kittens cat infomation pets photo animal
chinchilla longhair kittens cat infomation pets photo animal
chinchilla longhair kittens cat infomation pets photo animal
chinchilla longhair kittens cat infomation pets photo animal
Picture of Chinchilla Longhair Cats
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