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Electric eel / Electrophorus electricus

electric eel infomation Electrophorus electricus animal photo
Electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)
Is a type of fish that can generate a strong electric current (up to 650 volts) to hunt and defend themselves. Although called the eel or eel, it includes members of the order Gymnotiformes, which does not include both. Electric eels are common in the river Amazon and Orinoco river and surrounding areas.

Body Size
He could grow to 2.5 m long (8.2 feet) and weighing 20 kg (44 pounds), although usually average size is 1 m.
Electric eels unique body shape. Nearly 7 / 8 body parts of the tail. At the tail of the batteries there is little in the form of small plates are horizontal and vertical.

electric eel infomation Electrophorus electricus animal photo

Anatomy of the Electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)
can generate electricity

Biomimetic systems to produce power will be modeled after specialized cells within the electric organ of Electrophorus electricus, shown above. These animals have stacks of specialized electrocytes (electroplax) each heavily laden with ion transporters capable of providing an intermittent discharge of ~150mV and a ~1 pA, resulting in a total power for the organ of ~600W (~600V and ~1A). The electrocyte membrane contains (at a minimum) Na/K pumps, Na channels, K channels, Cl channels, and Ca channels. Dissection of electric eels led AlessandroVolta to experiments with isolated galvanic cells of copper and zinc to form voltaic piles (Volta 1800) – he is credited with inventing the DC battery based on this work. Current understanding of the electrocyte has shown they are specialized cells derived from muscle cells and consist of a membrane packed with ion channels and ion pumps – they have little other function than to generate charge.

There are huge numbers, more than 5,000 pieces. Small electrical voltage of each battery is not great, but if all the batteries are connected in a row (series), will be obtained voltage about 600 volts (compared with batteries that are only 1.5 volts).
Tip of the tail acts as a positive pole of the battery and the head end acts as a negative pole. Electric eels can regulate the relationship between the small battery in the body to get a small electric voltage and large electric voltages.

electric eel infomation Electrophorus electricus animal photo
Appearance Electric Eel

electric eel infomation Electrophorus electricus animal photo
electric eel infomation Electrophorus electricus animal photo
Electric Eel Face

electric eel infomation Electrophorus electricus animal photoFor navigation, electric eels requires only a small electrical voltage. But when it met the enemy or prey, electric eel will provide a voltage to the maximum extent possible through the head and tail attached to the body of the enemy or prey. About 1 ampere of electrical current generated by high voltage electricity will flow and kill them. Other animals are not disturbed because they are not in direct contact with the tail and head of the eel.

video Electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) beat the crocodile
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