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Labrador Retriever Dog Info

labrador retriever dog info puppy wallpaper animal pets
Labrador RetrieverPuppy
Labrador Retriever is a very smart dog, so it is not difficult to train because he learns quickly and likes to work for trainer / employer. Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because of energetic, intelligent, and friendly making it suitable to be used as working dogs. Labrador Retrievers are very smart and have a working natural instinct to make the Labrador is almost perfect as a gundog. Labrador Retriever robust and muscular; proportional (compact); very active; skull width; chest wide and deep; rib width; the waist width and stronger until at the back. Although the Labrador Retriever is very jovial and somewhat captious in his childhood, this breed is a very friendly dog, want to work to please their master, obedient, easy socializing, loving, well-adjusted, thoughtful, understanding, loyal, very easy to be trained , has a very close relationship with the owner, loves to play, can be a good friend to small children, has a nose that is very good in track. Labrador Retriever is also known as a very friendly dog €‹that would make a dog house, including as a friend to play children of all ages. Labrador has a calm temperament and be able to grasp the situation quickly making it ideal to be employed for tasks SAR (Search and Rescue). Labrador Retriever has very thick fur and bushy, not choppy or feathering with Undercoat is resistant to all weather. Labrador Retriever is easy to adapt, a very loyal friend. Have a very good nature, with not an iota of aggressive nature and undue shyness.
  • Health Issue
- Labrador life expectancy is between 12 to 13 years. In general, the Labrador is a breed that is relatively healthy and have few health problems. Health problems that are common to the Labrador are:
Diseases HD (hip dysplasia) is also often experienced a dog with a great body. Hip condition should be checked first before breeding.
- Labrador dogs are prone to ear infections because the position of his ears are "falling" and memperangkap humid air inside the ear. Owners need to frequently check the dog's ear to ensure a healthy ear, no odor and no earwax that has accumulated. A healthy ear should look clean from dirt and in it is pink (almost white). The color pink is a little old to red, or encountered a lot of earwax is brown is a sign of ear infection. The owner can clean the ears of a Labrador once daily or even twice a day, and need to be careful that no dirt to actually get into the inner ear. Appropriate ear drops can be asked to the nearest vet. As a preventative and for air circulation smoothly, the owner can cut the hair on the edge of the ears and fur-covered ears
- Labrador dogs are often overfed and become obese. Because Labrador glad to eat well, have a big appetite, and happy to be pampered. A healthy Labrador should have a waist (abdomen) are slim and toned, not fat, and as large as the chest. Excessive weight to be a major cause of hip dysplasia disease and diabetes. Besides excessive weight can pose a risk of disease in old age, including arthritis.
- Labrador also frequently suffer from abnormalities of the kneecap, called luxating patella.
labrador retriever dog info puppy wallpaper animal pets
labrador retriever dog info puppy wallpaper animal pets
The Face Of Labrador Retriever Dogs

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