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What Do You Love Most About Your Pet?

By Julia Williams

I entered a giveaway on another blog recently, and I had to leave a comment stating what I loved most about my pet. I didn’t have to think long and hard; I knew immediately. However, as I read the other comments, I was intrigued by how different they were. Upon further reflection I realized this actually made perfect sense.

Each of us is a unique human being, and each pet is also unique. When you bring the two together, the result is a relationship unlike any other. And just as we each value different things for different reasons in our relationships with other people, so too do we appreciate certain qualities of our pets above others. I thought it would be fun to answer the question myself, and then share what some of my friends told me about their pet.

I’ve loved many cats over the years, but none so deeply as Annabelle, my sweet little black-and-white with a lopsided diamond on her nose. I call her my “heart cat” because she is, above all others past and present, the cat who has my heart. If soul mates exist, then she is mine. Who says soul mates can’t be different species? I’ve seen enough examples of interspecies love to think it could be possible. Oh, I know…some people say animals don’t have souls. But whether Belle is my soul mate or not is irrelevant, really. She’s brought so much happiness into my life, and that’s what matters.

What I love most about Belle is the head-bonks she gives me on my face. When it’s time for her brushing, I lie down on my bed with Belle beside me, and it goes something like this: brush-brush-bonk…brush-brush-bonk…brush-brush-bonk. She never tires of it, nor do I. I’ve never had a cat who liked to head-bonk my face. Some have given me gentle nudges on my hand or leg, but Belle head bonks with unbridled enthusiasm that clearly says, “I love you.” It always makes me smile, and I simply can’t imagine life without this beautiful sweet soul.

Here’s what others had to say about their pets:

“I love how my dog, Hurricane Kiwi, always knows when I’m about to drive up to the house and is standing in the front window wagging her little Whippet tail like crazy as I pull up. When I open the door she’s right there, and when I and tell her it’s ‘okay’ to come out, we race around the yard like goofballs for a few minutes in our own little world.”  - Melissa

“Since I have a lot of pets, I have a lot of reasons to love my pets. I love them because they are so forgiving. You can scold them, yell at them and they give you a funny look but then they are right back loving the dickens out of you. I love my pets because most of them are always there when I need a good friend.” - Marg (Margspets)

“No matter how long I’ve been gone my cat comes running to greet me. She’s always happy to see me.” - Sharon

“I love that my cats bring me closer to my animal self. They love, pine, worry and experience joy just like I do. They remind me that it's OK to have desires and wants.  They keep me humble with their self assuredness in their place in the world.” - Trish (Katnip Lounge)

“The ear! The ‘ear’ is this funny thing my dog Emma Zen does when I return, if I happen to leave her at home alone. She picks her floppy ear up about half way and lowers her head and gives you a butt wiggle. I just love those ‘I am so happy you’re here’ ears. I hope we can all learn to apply this lesson, to greet with genuine eagerness and maybe some perked up ears!” - Debra Jo Chiapuzio (

“Even if I am having a bad day, my pets seem to do something to make me laugh, as though they are trying to cheer me up with their unconditional love.” - Lori

“I love that our cats Sammy and Moosey are such an important part of our family.  Their lives are so interwoven with ours, and it would be easy to take for granted the unconditional love they give and other wonderful things we'd miss if they weren't here. (So we try not to!) I love the obvious delight they exhibit whenever we return to the house, and the way they are always so eager to curl up next to us on the couch.  I love the way they always seem to know when one of us needs comfort. I love that they make us smile and laugh, and that they are so unique, each with their own personality and behaviors.” - Kevin (Animal Shelter Volunteer Life)

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