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Birman Cat

The origin of the cat race is still a mystery, some say that the Birman cat race from a temple in Burma by the name of Lao Tsun, which was then taken by the explorers who came from England. According to a historical record. Birman cat began to spread around the world such as ragdoll in 1919. Birman cat race actually derived from crosses between races Siamese cat that has white coat around his paws with a long-haired cat (Angora or Persian), who performed in Nice, France around tahin the 1920s. Birman cat then began to be developed not only in France, and even became popular and expensive in America.

birman cat breeders info pets kittens animal domesticbirman cat breeders info pets kittens animal domestic
  • Appearance
Birman cat coat long and soft. Persian cat's coat is not thick, but the textures are not easily tangled. Birman cat has a rather round-shaped eyes and blue (dark blue is the color preferred). Birman cat's weight around 4.5kg-8kg. The colors most commonly found in Birman cats are seal point and blue points. Other colors are mauve, beige, brown and reddish though it is rather rare. Feathers around the legs, tail, ears, dark eyes and coat around the paws are always white. Birman kittens are white at birth. Birman Kittens begin to show a particular color on the second day until the fourteenth day.

birman cat breeders info pets kittens animal domestic
birman cat breeders info pets kittens animal domestic
Face of the birman cat breeds

birman cat breeders info pets kittens animal domestic
  • Temperamnet
Because Cats Birman is a mixture of Persian and Siamese, Birman cat has a quiet nature, graceful and very friendly to the environment. Birman cat has a soft voice. Birman cats are more active than the Persian cat but not as active and as busy as Siamese cats. Birman cat loving, loyal and very happy to mingle. Birman cat is a cat a fun, beautiful, playful, and inquisitive. Birman cat is happy to spend time with their owners, interacting, watching, approaching or even help anything is being done owners. Birman cat is perfect for a children's playmates. In addition Birman cat is also a reliable hunter.
  • Grooming
Birman cat coat should be combed and brushed every day can help reduce the loss of coat, or brought to the salon at least 3 weeks to care for the beauty of his feathers.

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