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Cymric Cat

cymric cat pets information kittens pictures

Cymric cats with long hair, while short-haired Manx cat. The Cymric long-haired cats (semi longhair and longhair) and some call it a race of cat, long haired Manx. Manx and Cymric race from a small island in the middle of two major British and Irish nations. But the development of new types of cat Cymric even started around 1960. Many people suspect Manx Cymric is a cross between a Persian, which took place around the year 30-40. Meanwhile, many also argue that the Cymric was not obtained by crossing. Cymric and Manx cats, one of the oldest cat ever races listed. The two races is also a race that forms naturally. Its main feature is a short tail or no tail at all.
  • Temperament
Cymric characteristics of some of the little dog that liked to growl something that disturbed him. Cymric other features that are like things that glow in the light.
Cymric Cat is able to adapt to other animals in their environment, they liked the man, loyal and very devoted to his owner. Cymric Cats are very playful, funny and very entertaining, also as water, making it easy even loves a bath.
  • Appearance
There are three types of tail Taffy, namely: rumpy / Dimple rumpy, no tail at all (should show), Riser / rumpy the riser is slightly dipangkalnya tail, plump, has a tail part, but shorter than the Longy rumpy ; Longy, normal length of the tail.
Cymric cat's body size is relatively short compared to other breeds. The position of the hip is higher than the shoulder because the hind legs are longer and stronger than the front legs.
Another feature is the round end of a great Welsh cheeks. Nose color of fur color. Short, thick neck and big eyes, round, although the color is not matching the color of the hair. It is replaced by full, wide base with curved tip, the position of the two distant
  • Health Issue
This type of health problems similar to the type of cat Manx cat. Since both cats are almost the same, the story and their feathers are visible both of these cats.

cymric cat pets information kittens pictures
Cymric (long hair)

cymric cat pets information kittens pictures
Difference between cymric and Manx

cymric cat pets information kittens pictures
Manx (short hair)

cymric cat pets information kittens pictures
Cymric Cats Wallpaper
(long hait cats)
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