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Ragdoll Cat Breed

ragdoll cat breed

The Ragdoll cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds with a sturdy body, frame and disproportionately large feet. This cat breed with blue eyes and coat colorpoint different. Ragdoll fur is softer and most of them are born with fur is thick and fluffy. And most importantly, Ragdoll cat is a benign group. Ragdoll cat is a cat the most obedient of all kinds kucing.Mempunyai four types of colors: seal, blue, and chocolate, lilac. At the time the kitten, ragdoll born with white and then other colors muncul.Semakin adult ragdoll cats, the color will be more concentrated. Ragdoll familiar with humans and adaptable. Compared to the Persians, ragdoll does not require daily combing fur. They are very gentle, relaxed and affectionate. They were so tame that can be harmful to them is to go out because they will not defend themselves if they attack other animals. Ragdoll named because of their peculiar habits like lying in your arms. These cats are very affectionate and friendly so that our pets can be very good. Ragdoll cats are also known as a quick learner.

ragdoll cat breed
Ragdoll Long Hair Cats

ragdoll cat breedSize of the Ragdoll cats

ragdoll cat breedRagdoll Kitten
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