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sphynx cat tattoo

There are pros and cons on tattooing a Sphynx cat. Below are some of them:


Some people consider tattooing a Sphynx cat as beautiful, even cute, especially when both the cat and its owner have the same tattoo. There’s no denying a beautifully made tattoo will enhance almost anyone or anything it is tattooed on. Tattooing Sphynx cats did not gain momentum until 2009 when a video of Oksana Popova tattooing her Sphynx cat, Mickey, with a Tutankhamen tattoo on its chest, appeared on the Internet. Arguably the tattoo wasn’t a very beautiful one. Many others were inspired to also put a tattoo on their cats—making better ones in the process. From Russia, the tattooed Sphynx trend spread around the world. Another argument for tattooing a Sphynx cat is that a tattoo does not hurt as bad as it looks and cats are also regularly tattooed for identification purposes so it’s no big deal.

sphynx cat tattoo skin

Various complaints have been raised by animal rights groups about the spreading trend of tattooing Sphynx cats. The biggest argument against tattooing a Sphynx cat for cosmetic reasons is the very motive itself: selfish reason. People against tattooing Sphynx cats argue that the big difference between tattooing identifying marks on cats and tattooing designs on Sphynx cats is that the tattoo is done for safety reasons on cats while a cosmetic tattoo is is only for the owner’s perceived satisfaction (not to mention the chances for injury is greater on the latter because the tattoo takes longer to do and covers a larger area, and you’ll need to sedate the cat for longer periods).

It seems doing something painful to an animal for its own good is different from doing something painful to it for its owner’s glory. Both cases don’t involve the animal’s opinion. One can argue the same about tail-docking, ear cropping and castration, but this is a sensitive topic. The closest thing to human beings is circumcision of newborn males and female circumcision in some parts of the world.

Whatever side you are on, this thing is true: no pain, no gain. Even if the pain is at the animals’ expense.

Clown tattoo on the sphynx cat

sphynx cat tattoo skin
Wonderfull art tattoed on pets

sphynx cat tattoo skin
Sphynx cat tattoed sphynx

sphynx cat tattoo skinsphynx cat tattoo skin
Sphynx cat and owner alike tattooed

sphynx cat tattoo skin

Cute sphynx cat skin tattoo
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