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The Manx

Manx Cats (back) type this cats native to Britain, just a small island called Isle of Man. Grupa Manx cat breed or breeds is often called a cat mutations. These mutations are associated with skeletal development. Tailless gene is dominant (the cover / tail to beat the normal gene). This short-haired Manx cat (short hair), but there is a Manx long hair (long and medium length hair) and form a distinct race, called the Cymric race. Manx cat is a cat who is active and playful. Manx cats can jump higher than we can imagine. Manx cat breeds megikuti and surrounding landowners. Manx cats are able to adapt with other animals in their environment, they liked the man, loyal and faithful to its owner. Manx cats are very playful, fun and very nice, also loves the water, making it easy even like being bathed. Manx cats are known as the "one person paint".

Manx Cats both bound and living with a person or family, usually quite difficult to live with and adapt to humans or to other families. Body size Manx cats are relatively short compared to other breeds with a broad chest and bent back to his hips. The location of the hip is higher than the shoulder, because the hind legs are longer and stronger than the previous.
  • Appearance
There are several forms of tails produced are:
• Dimple rumpy / rumpy, without having a tail at all (should have a show)
• Riser / rumpy riser, has a little tail on the base
• Stumpy, has a partial tail, longer than rumpy but shorter than longy
• Longy, normal tail length.
Another characteristic Manx cat is a round head with prominent cheeks. Nose color matching the color of fur. Short and thick necks and big eyes, round even though the color is not matching the color of fur. Ear size is, the bottom of the widened with a curved tip, the location of the two apart. Manx cat fur consists of two layers, short and thick. Almost all colors are recognized as colourpoint, bicolour, tabby and solid.
Manx breed, despite the absence of tail, has no problems with balance, because balance is controlled primarily by the inner ear, and the cat has little to do with the tail.
  • Coat
Manx cats exhibit two coat lengths. Short-or long-haired, all Manx have a thick, double-layered coat. The short-haired Manx has a double coat with a dense, soft, short under-layer and a longer, coarse outer layer with guard hairs. The long-haired Manx, known to some cat registries as the Cymric, has a silky-textured double coat of medium length, with Britches, belly and neck ruff, Tufts of fur the between the toes and full ear furnishings. [Clarification needed] The Cat fanciers’ Association (CFA) considers the Cymric to be a variety of Manx and judges it in the short-hair division, while The International Cat Association (tica) judges it in the long-hair division as a distinct breed.
  • Health Issues
Is a colloquial name given to a space that is the result of a mutant gene to shorten the tail of the spine too much. You can seriously damage the spinal cord and nerves causing spina bifida and bowel problems, bladder, and digestion. Some live only three years, the oldest was 5 years, while suffering from the disease. In one study, has been shown to affect about 20% of Manx cats, but almost all these cases rumpies, showing the most extreme phenotype. Most purebred cats are not after the first four months of age (to ensure they are properly socialized), and this allows the time for the state of health can be identified. A noted expert Roger Tabor cat, said: "The very fact that the Manx is a historic race to stop us is so important in this gene in other dangerous latest series of anomalies The breed is subject to rump fold intertrigo and corneal dystrophy.

For more clearly you can see photo of the Manx cat below

manx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photomanx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photo
manx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photo
manx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photo
manx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photo
manx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photo
manx cat pets info breed animal domestic gato photoExplore more photo Manx cat on this site.
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