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A Comprehensive List Of Dog Diseases

A list of dog diseases is worth having for any animal lover as it will indicate what can be wrong with a dog. The following is a fully compiled list of dog diseases which will be extremely helpful in determining certain conditions in a dog which may otherwise be inexplicable. Otherwise healthy dogs and puppys can contract certain mentioned sickness, infections even with being cared for well. Gastrointestinal illness can be prevented with proper feeding, although muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, cancers and many others mentioned below are often found in birth or in ageing of animals.

Some of the most important, and sometimes deadly, and treatable syndromes, and infections found in dogs are following.

1. Infectious diseases
2. Bacterial infections
3. Viral infections
4. Protozoal infections
5. Fungal infections
6. Other infections

-Muscular and skeletal syndromes-Parasites-Circulatory and cardiovascular diseases-Eyes-Ears-Nervous system-Cancers-Skin-Environmental-Behavioral-Gastrointestinal ailments-Endocrine illness-Reproductive and urinary system-Overdoses and poisons

A closer look at the different viruses and infections and symptoms there of which can be found on a list of dog diseases, some which are treatable, where as others are deadly.

Bacterial infections such as Lime illness, which starts from spreading of ticks and symptoms, are anorexia, lethargy and arthritis. Brucellosis, which is sexually transmitted and Kennel cough results in respiratory problems, which usually occurs when dogs are in close confinement. Clostridium causes diarrhea and Leptospirosis which cause kidney and liver failure.

A viral infection includes Canine parvovirus, a gastrointestinal problem which usually occurs in puppies. Canine distemper is often fatal with neurological and respiratory signs. Canine corona virus is a gastrointestinal illness which is normally asymptomatic with mild clinical signs. Hepatitis which is often fatal in the liver of dogs.

Protozoal infections such as Giardiasis is an intestinal disease with common symptoms, diarrhea. Coccidiosis has no specific known symptoms although weight loss and diarrhea can occur. Leishmaniasis which is commonly caused by the sand fly. Babesiosis is caused by hard ticks which causes hemolytic anemia in dogs.

Not unlike humans there can be found on a list of dog diseases muscular and skeletal ailments commonly found in humans.

Osteoarthritis, Hip dysplasia which usually occurs in large breed dogs, Elbow dysplasia, also in large breeds. Luxating patella is usually inherited and is found in smaller breed dogs.

There are a very large variety of parasites found in dogs, which can be prevented and must be treated as soon as possible to prevent great discomfort and worse sickness is dogs.

Parasites such as intestinal parasites include hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms which cause diarrhea, vomiting and weight-loss in dogs. Fleas and ticks are a common parasite in dogs and heartworm causes coughing, difficulty breathing and often death. Mites cause itching, burning and crusting.

Again much like humans, included on the list of dog diseases dogs are commonly dogs either born with a defect heart or can develop heart problems over the years which can result in the death of the animal. Circulatory and Cardiovascular diseases include the following:

Von Willebrand disease is inherited found in dogs as well as humans which is caused by protein deficiency and signs are spontaneous bleeding as well as excessive bleeding following injury or surgery. Thrombocytopenia is caused by a low platelet count as oppose to Thrombocytosis which is caused by an excess of platelets.

All animals should be properly nourished and cared for either to prevent them from disease or cure them. Most infections and contagions found on a list of dog diseases are curable and owners of animals should realize that prevention is often possible which will result in a healthy and happy animal.
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