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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Fast Facts
Group classification: Herding Country of origin: Wales Date of origin: Antiquity
Weight (M): 30 - 38 lb Height (M): 11 - 13" Life expectancy: 12 - 14 years
Weight (F): 25 - 34 lb Height (F): 10 - 12"

1.General Description of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Long and low with a fox-like appearance and large erect ears, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the Corgi with a tail. The Cardigan has a low-set, long, brushy tail and an elongated body supported by very short legs. The intelligent Corgi is powerful, capable of both endurance and speed, handsome, and sturdily built but not coarse. The head is broad between the ears and tapers to the dark eyes; blue eye color is allowed only in blue merle dogs. The tapered muzzle ends with a black pointed nose. The medium length dense double coat comes in a number of colors ranging from all shades of sable, red, brindle, and blue merle or black. White flashings are common on the chest, neck, legs, underparts, tail tip, muzzle, and as a blaze on head. Some Corgis sport black masks along with some ticking or freckles. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a free and smooth gait exhibiting agility.

2.Cardigan Welsh Corgi Temperament

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are known for their personality. This dog wants to be involved with his family; full of fun, they will reward their family with devotion and sensible affection. Like most herding dogs, caring for “their people” comes naturally to the devoted, alert, and dependable Cardigan. As a result, Cardigans can be standoffish with strangers and other dogs, especially if they perceive a threat. Corgis sometimes attempt to herd children by nipping at their heels, but they are easily trainable and can be taught not to do this. Cardigans are good alarm barkers and some tend to bark a lot.

3.Caring for a Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Grooming the Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s medium-length all-weather coat is easy. A once a week brushing removes dead hair, and since the Corgi tends to be a rather clean animal it rarely needs a bath. Very young puppies have drop ears that will usually come up on their own; sometimes they will require temporary taping to support them. Lift a Cardigan by placing a hand behind the front legs and use the other to support the hindquarters, and do not let your Corgi jump off furniture or run down stares; proper handling of these dogs is important, as their backs can be fragile. Corgis have stamina and need regular exercise to burn off excess energy. They love walks and romps, and with exercise can be quite athletic with unexpected ball-chasing speed. Corgis are comfortable in most housing situations. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an exceptionally healthy breed; canine hip dysplasia is almost never clinical, and on extremely rare occasions the dog may develop DM (degenerative myelopathy).
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