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Chinese Crested Dogs

Group classification: Toy Country of origin: China Date of origin: 13th century
Weight (M): 5 - 12 lb Height (M): 11 - 13" Life expectancy: 14 - 15 years
Weight (F): 5 - 12 lb Height (F): 11 - 13"

1.General Description of the Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is a delicate, chic and nimble breed that comes in two distinct varieties (often dogs of each variety are part of one litter): the Hairless, which has hair only on its head, feet, and tail and its littermate the Powderpuff which is entirely covered by a double coat. A member of the Toy Group, this slender dog is somewhat longer in length than height, has straight legs, small feet resembling those of a rabbit or hare, and a slender curved tail that is carried gaily. The dog has eyes shaped like almonds, large ears, which stand erect on the Hairless while they may drop on the Powderpuff; the cheeks narrow cleanly into the muzzle combining for an alert, intense expression. The coat can be of any color or combination of colors. The Hairless Chinese Crested features silky-soft hair on the head “the crest,” tail “the plume,” and feet “socks.” Where the body is hairless, the skin is delicate and velvety. Powderpuffs have a double silky-soft coat and long thin guard hairs over a short undercoat of a similar texture. Overall, the coat is straight, of moderate density and length.

2.Chinese Crested Dog Temperament

Affectionate, energetic, and playful the Chinese Crested Dog has the reputation of a devoted family pet. Their hare foot allows them to climb and hold their toys, food, or people; owners often describe the way they “hug” when held. The Crested is usually friendly toward other pets and dogs and sociable with strangers. Although Chinese Crested Dogs crave human companionship, it is very important not to “over-baby” the dog as a puppy. Adult dogs become very attached to their owner and do not adjust well to a new one. Highly intelligent and alert, the Chinese Crested Dog likes to learn and perform tricks; they are exceptionally good with children. They do not bark, but love to climb and dig holes.

3.Caring for a Chinese Crested Dog

The Powderpuff Chinese Crested Dog requires more maintenance than the Hairless variety. They should be brushed daily with extra attention to the uniquely textured undercoat to prevent matting. Hairless Chinese Crested Dogs’ skin requires regular care: prevent sunburn by applying sunscreen when outdoors, massage with a moisturizer to keep skin supple, and bathe often to prevent blemishes. This breed sheds very little and is a good choice for those who suffer from allergies. The Chinese Crested is an extremely clean dog and is usually not prone to body odor, ticks, or fleas. They are good apartment dwellers and love to play games. They are very active indoors and require minimal exercise. The Hairless Chinese Crested is sensitive to the cold and should wear some sort of covering when taken outside in the winter months. The Chinese Crested Dog is susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy, lens luxation and glaucoma; the dog may also suffer from deafness, patellar luxation and seizures.
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