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Dog Broken Leg Symptoms and helf it

Dogs aren't different from human. They sometime broke their bones due to their mischief or accident.

The common broken bones are leg fracture, tail and other bones break. The injury can lead to other types of infection so proper treatments must be given during healing periods.

Common causes of dog broken leg is accidentally hitted by car, falling from high place, direct blow and repetitive forces caused by running etc.

Dog broken leg symptoms
  • Misshapen or visible out-of-place of joint
  • Limited mobility
  • Unable to move a limb
  • Refuse to sit or lie down
  • Cannot support body weight
  • hangs limply
  • Swelling or swollen
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Licking and whining
  • Intense pain
  • Numbness or confuse
  • tingling
Signs of shock
  • Pale
  • White gums
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rapid breathing
  • Rapid but weak pulse
Cost for fixing dog broken leg
Veterinarian must examine your dog first to be able to determine the estimate cost by looking at the x-rays result. The approximate cost range is about $200 to over $1000 depend on how serious the fracture or broken bone is.
The cost of fixing dog broken leg also depend on other factors that must be taken into consideration such as:
  • Age of your dog
  • Position of broken bone
  • Front or back leg
  • Angle of break
  • Type of break such as horizontal, oblique, spiral and comminuted etc.
  • Time from injury
  • Break is open or closed
  • Condition of the muscles around the area of break
  • Splint, bone plates, intramedullary pin (IM), wires and cost varies with the size of your dog
  • Health status
  • the skills and experience of your vet
  • country where you live
  • Location for example clinic in city will be more expensive than clinic in rural regions
You should be aware that if your dog have intestinal worms then the bones won't heal properly due to lack of nutrients drain by worms. If the conditions is serious then leg amputation is always the best and better option than euthanasia. Remember that dog is your best and most trusted friend you will ever have in your life so be sure to treat them well.
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