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Dogs Rule…and Cats Just Sleep!

By Keikei Cole (Canine Guest Blogger)

Recently, Julia Williams – aka the Crazy Cat Lady – wrote an article that posed a question, “Which one makes the best pet, cats or dogs?” Well, when I was reading that one over the boss's shoulder, I almost choked on my CANIDAE TidNips™! As I licked the chewed up pieces of my treat off the boss's computer and desk, it was obvious a rebuttal article was necessary.

When I adopted the boss, I didn't realize there would be fleabags (oops, I mean cats) in the deal. Don't get me wrong, cats are fun to chase, but they sleep most of the time. What fun is that? The boss plays with them wiggling some stupid string on a pole they like to chase. Watching them jump around like their tails are on fire is so funny to watch! Oh, sorry, I was munching on something I found in that sandbox thing and forgot what I was doing. Woof!

About Cleanliness

I enjoy a relaxing bath, especially when it's hot outside. The boss scratches my back all over and never gets mad when I get her wet. It's her fault for getting water in my face. In between baths, I get combed, get my nails done and my ears cleaned out. It makes me feel close to my favorite human and I smell good. None of that wet doggie smell here. Think about it for a minute. How clean can a cat be? Come on, they wash themselves with cat spit! Hey, I'm just telling it like it is.

Physical Activity

OK, you don't have to walk a cat, and I'm sure cold walks on a dark and snowy night may not be as much fun for humans as it is for us dogs, but it keeps the humans healthy and fit. (Although the boss could use a few more walks, if you know what I mean). Dogs get their human out of the house which helps stimulate their senses. We hardly ever pay attention to the, “Hurry up, it's cold out here” because we know how important exercise is for them and us. We get humans to join dog clubs, we teach them how to run agility, show them off at dog shows and get them involved in other fun activities that we love to do.

The Economics Debate

I don't need a dog bed; I have my own couch. Yes I have to share, but as long as it's with the boss that's fine with me. OK, so maybe dogs eat more food than cats, but we have to keep our strength up to take our human on walks. I don't have to go behind bars in one of those crate things, but I know some of my fellow barkers have to be locked up when their human is gone and some dogs need winter coats and boots, so I'll have to begrudgingly surrender to cats on the economics issue.

Training Means We're Smarter

When was the last time you trained a cat to fetch the paper? Of course, cats are capable of learning, but only if they want to. I love to learn and I'm still learning new things. I like hearing the boss tell me what a good girl I am after I do what she asked me to do. It makes me proud to be so smart. Plus, training me and my siblings gives the boss something to do that keeps her from being bored.

Barking is Communication

How else will the boss know I want something if I don't tell her? Sure, some fellow canines bark all day when they're left alone, but that's because their human didn't give them exercise before they left the house and they didn't leave them with something to do. Having a dog around means we need stuff to do when we're home alone. We bark to let you know something is wrong or some nasty character is poking around outside. That's why dogs are better at protecting the family than cats are. People pay attention to us when we bark. Cats have a quiet little meow, but dogs can roar if necessary!

Taste and Smell

Catching a whiff of something stinky in the garbage or outside is a great prize to find. It's called Parfum eu Gar-barge. I know it'll mean a bath, but hey, I like baths. As far as that sandbox thing the boss has in the house for the cats, grabbing a treat from it helps remind humans the importance of keeping it cleaned out. So I'm doing the cats a favor and getting a snack.

Regardless of whether you think a dog or cat makes the better pet, we all know that responsible pet owners are special humans, and I'm BOL (Bark Out Loud) happy to share my home with one.

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