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Skye Terrier

skye terrier
Skye terrier is one of the most ancient terrier. Skye Terrier originated on the island of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. Skye terrier dog was first developed to kill pests breeding, hunting raccoons, otters, and foxes.
Skye terrier came to prominence in the 19th century. Skye terrier dog famous for this dog symbolizes fidelity.
but the history of the Skye Terrier is still debated. Some believe that the Skye Terrier originated from the story of a shipwreck. It is estimated that in the 1600s, a Spanish ship from crashing into the stone from the island of Skye. When this happens, the victims included a Maltese dog who later married the local terriers.

skye terrier
  • Appearance
Skye Terrier has a double coat, undercoat shorter and softer as well as hard and straight upper mantle. Skye Terrier is a beard and around the mouth and face are fine.
Skye Terrier is a powerful and agile dog with strong bones and muscles strong. Long double coat and excessive hair around the face Skye Terrier serves to protect them from injury and bad climate.
coat color is the Skye Terrier, Blue, Black, gray, brown, silver, or cream with black muzzle, ears and tail tip, is preferred. Skye Terrier has a height of about 10 inches. Skye Terrier male body weight between 35-40 pounds, while Skye Terrier female about 25-30 pounds.
because a lot of fur fur Skye Terrier then this should be frequent in the brush.
  • Properties
Skye Terrier is a dog that has properties very kind, loyal, polite, full of love. Skye Terrier is a bold and vibrant dog. Skye Terrier can be a little stubborn. Skye Terrier can socialize well with different people.
Skye Terrier is a loyal dog to his own family. Skye Terrier is not friends with anyone and would prefer people to take their time in approaching him. Skye Terrier dog that is reserved and cautious toward strangers, qualities that make it very nice to be made in watchdog. Skye Terrier is a dog that is sensitive but does not comply with his own thoughts. Skye Terriers always wanted to be part of the family and will become bored, deliberate, and unhappy if ignored. Skye Terrier need socialization to help ensure that you grow into a Skye Terrier dog either.

skye terrierskye terrier
Size Skye terrier dog
Skye terrier dog is very nice if we train a smart dog, but his appearance is funny and interesting dog will be able to be a friend to play with children, as well as a guardian of children, gathered around a child who dispersed around the house.
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