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The Luckiest Cats

My Silly Annabelle
By Julia Williams

My good friend Kevin has been volunteering for his local animal shelter for many years. Kevin, aka meowmeowmans, writes about the homeless cats on his wonderful blog, Animal Shelter Volunteer Life. He tells of the lucky cats who find their forever homes, and he also features the many sweet souls still waiting to be adopted. I love to read the adoption stories, because I know just how much the lives of the animal and their new family will change for the better. I celebrate each of these adoptions, sometimes silently with a smile but very often with a “wahoo!” or a “yay!” In stark contrast, the stories of those not yet chosen make me melancholic. No animal should have to know abandonment and homelessness, yet far too many do.

Recently, Kevin posted about the kitties not yet chosen, and said he hoped they could find a home before Christmas. We know the reality is that most will not, and yet we can’t stop hoping that some will go from unlucky to lucky, if not before Christmas then at least sometime in the New Year. When faced with a reality that is less than ideal, hope is what keeps us going; it keeps us doing what we can do in the moment until a better time.

My version of a Christmas miracle would be loving homes for every homeless pet, nutritious food for every hungry pet, and love for every animal who is alone and lonely. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to my precious cats Rocky and Annabelle if I hadn’t been asked to water someone’s plants, only to discover two tiny kittens badly in need of rescue. If they had somehow managed to survive – which isn’t likely considering they were very ill and no one was caring for them – they wouldn’t have a better life than the one they have now, with me.

I don’t say that arrogantly. I say it because I know there is not a cat on this earth who has a better life than mine. There are certainly countless many pets who have as good a life, but not better. I can say that confidently because I know I am giving them everything they need to be happy, healthy and safe. I often ask them, “Do you know how lucky you are?” They don’t answer me, at least not in English, but I am positive they know.

We don’t live in an opulent mansion, but my cats don’t care. All they want for Christmas is a warm, comfortable place to sleep, copious amounts of the cat food they love, (FELIDAE, naturally!), and a kind two-legged friend who will pet them whenever they want. What kitty could want more than that? They truly are the luckiest cats. But given how much love, happiness and laughter they add to my life, I know that I am the luckiest one of all.

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