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An Itchy Kitty Gets a New Lease on Life & Fabulous Fur

By Guido the Italian Kitty

Catzowey! I’m itching to tell you about my itches that have gone arrivederci and bye bye too, and you must believes it cuz itza for sure my fur is more meowvalous and shiny than ever in all a cat’s 9 lives. And it’s not cuz I went to the deeziner fur salon and had a makeover! But I would purr to let you in on a giganticat secret.

For the first 4 years of my catzowey life, I was itching. Yep, just itching and scratching and biting my handsome man-cat fur like gnawing on myself. It was not so comfy having to live like this and strike a pose on the catwalk at the same time! My photo shoots were done around not showing my itchy tummy cuz I itched so much that I ate all of my EyeTailYun tummy fur right off of my bod. And like that’s not a furry worry, then I started on taking all the furs off of my famous legs. CATZOWEY! When I looked into the mirror, I didn't see my EyeTailYun buffed self but instead saw what I thought was a long lost scraggly relative! Catzowey, it was me looking half naked from biting off my handsome fur coat.

Oh sure, I visited abundacat dreaded V E T persons – more than I want to remember and they all said “he needs allergy tests.”  Then most of them said I was probably having an environmental reaction! Holy Cannoli – like I’m allergic to my sofa?

My Staff said no sense in putting me through the allergy shot tests for that, cuz IF my itching was caused by the environment, we could not move cuz we luvs luvs luvs San Franfuncisco.  So, hummmzatini, I was curious as a cat to know whatza causing my scratches and itches and my eating my britches!

Hello FELIDAE pureElements™ cat food! Not only did I like it abundacatically, but in a month my itches were subsiding and in 2 months my fur was starting to grow back in an inky dinky way and in 6 months my itches were “arrivederci itches” and all my Man Cat fur came back in better shape than before my itches began. That’s a lot of stuff happening to my man cat self in a short time but WOWza MEOWza I’m now Super Six years yungun and never had more handsome silky fur.

Bamzatini, the itchies are history!  I can only surmise it’s no surprise that FELIDAE pureElements dry food has cured my fur problems for sure.

Yep uh huh, I’m on countdown to be that Spokes Cat purrson for Felidae foods because they’ve saved me, and saved my handsome EyeTailYun self and brought me  and myself back to lively life. Sometimes, it’s not really a medical issue – and I’m proof that just changing my diet to the right food was the purrrfecto way to go!  

Arrivederci itches, and hello healthy self!

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