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Benefits of using Hydrotherapy on Dogs

Swimming has always been used as a form of therapy. Hydrotherapy is not only being used on humans, it has been found to yield benefits for animals as well. Dogs for example, can use hydrotherapy to minimize the damage and symptoms of arthritis, muscular strains, and DM in dogs, just to name a few. Hydrotherapy is easier to use since it does not hurt as much as using a treadmill. Water’s buoyancy helps support and lessens stress, encourages freer movements and keeps the dog in a safe ad controlled therapy environment. Below are other benefits when using hydrotherapy.
Hydrotherapy on Dogs
It is Cooler

When using a treadmill, a dog may have a hard time because of the heat created by their body and the heat of the environment. With hydrotherapy, the dog is placed in a water tank or small pool, keeping them cool as they go through the exercises of their therapy session.  This makes it perfect for the summer time when it’s too hot to have therapy activities outside.

It’s Less Stressful

Resistance and muscle tension is reduced by up 15 to 20 times when under water. Regular walking is too painful and tiring, especially for dogs that have arthritis, DM in dogs and hip dysplasia. With hydrotherapy, dogs can build stronger muscles without too much tension. Dogs who have physical disabilities will also find hydrotherapy easier

It Calms the Nervous System

Water helps soothe and calm the body and nervous system. It can also decrease stress and let the dog have fun. Water also helps stimulate joint position sensation and re-establish broken sensation channels.

Helps the Circulatory and Immune System

Water also helps stimulate blood circulation. Warm water is commonly used to increase the dog’s body temperature to dilate blood vessels and increase blood circulation. This helps detoxify the dog’s blood, removing any toxic substances that could have entered their system and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the organs. Soft tissues are also compresses which help increase lymph movement which decrease inflammation, increase drainage and improve the dog’s immune system.

Improves Apatite and Digestion

Hydrotherapy can actually help you improve your dog’s eating habits. Most of the time, sick dogs become very picky and do not eat as much as they should. This is one way to help it establish an ideal weight and keep it well built. Water also increases smooth muscle or digestion activities, making it easier to eliminate unneeded materials through feces.
Hydrotherapy on Dogs

Hydrotherapy on Dogs

Hydrotherapy on Dogs

Hydrotherapy on Dogs

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