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Hamster Bubbles

Hamster bubbles, also known as Hamster Balls, are often misunderstood as pet implements, with many Animal Rights members terming them as inhumane.

Bolt, the 2008-released animated feature telling the tale of a fictional superhero dog and his adventure in finding his way back home, featured a hamster character named Rhino who was put in a hamster bubble.

The character left many who were not aware of what hamster bubbles are asking what its purpose is, thinking of hamster bubbles as “quarantine spaces” for hamsters who are sick.
Hamster Ball
Far from being disease outbreak containment units, hamster bubbles are actually plastic pet implements designed to provide hamsters with a safe and secure means for physical exercise.

They are also used as a method of control for hamsters, allowing them the freedom to roam around the house, with hamster pet owners not having to worry about them running away or getting lost.

Typically a hamster bubble is made with air-holes and a lid where hamster owners could easily put in or take out a hamster. Made with transparent plastic, most hamster bubbles are designed without any design hazards inside, with certain types of hamster bubbles made with “barriers” to avoid masters from falling or dropping from stairs.

Not just used in keeping hamsters in, hamster bubbles are also used by gerbil pet owners, with large-enough hamster bubbles used for guinea pigs.

With most hamsters only let out of their cages or enclosures with pet owner supervision, hamster bubbles are effective pet implements that gives hamsters significant degrees of freedom to roam around and figuratively and literally stretch their tiny hamster legs.
Hamster Ball

Hamster Ball

Hamster Ball
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