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Male Lions

For children who grew up in the 90s, the animated film The Lion King is likely to be a fixture in their childhood. Widely considered as one of the Disney’s best animated films and one of the most critically acclaimed animated movies of all time, The Lion King captures the magic of how Disney movies should be. The film tells the story of young Simba, a lion cub eager to take his place as ruler of the pride but meets challenges along the way, including excile, no thanks to his uncle Scar, long jealous of Mufasa, patriarch of the pride.
Male Lion
Simba of course, eventually grows up to a fully-grown lion, and Disney does a hell of a job capturing the majesty of the African Lion through animation.

Male lions inspire a sense of awe in people, perhaps due to their impressive manes that encircle their heads. In the animal world, larger often means better, and for male lions, the larger their fringe the more females are attracted to them, increasing their chances of finding a mate.

Interestingly enough, male lions are often smaller in size to lionesses, but their manes give them a larger appearance. One unique character about the male lion though, is its virility. Male lions are on average, capable of mating for at least a hundred times in just 24 hours. Mating is such a strong instinct for male lions because it’s their key to survival—it builds the pride around them.

Male lions who are unable to join a pride of their own often die, becoming depressed due to lack of social interaction as well as becoming easy targets for other lions who aggressively defend their territory.
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Male Lions


Male Lions
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