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Dog Care – 5 Tips on Taking Care of a Sick Dog

Many of us start to panic when our dog gets sick. This is mainly because we do not know what to do. Below are some simple tips on how to take care of a sick dog.

Keep them warm

When your dog is sick, it’s best that you keep it warm. As much as possible, keep your dog inside the house at all times. If you have to go for a walk or a trip to the vet, do not say outdoors for too long. You can also bring around a blanket with you or make your dog wear some kind of jacket. Dogs that have degenerative myelopathy might have a hard time moving around so use a body supporting contraption to keep them warm and support them as they move.
Give them water

Like humans, dogs also need to consume enough water so they recover from their illness faster. Keeping your dog hydrated will not only prevent it from suffering a heat stroke, the water also helps flush toxins out of the body. Give your dog clean drinking water and change it every few hours or so. You also need to clean your dog’s water bowl every time you change the water.

Change of diet

Some vets will actually advise dog owners to change the dog’s diet when they are sick. If they are having a hard time eating on their own, you can help them by giving them semi-solid food and use a syringe to feed them.

Other people would also give their dog puppy-specific food when they are sick. Puppy food contains more nutrients compared to normal dog food, helping ensure that even a dog that’s ill still the nutrients it needs even it doesn’t consume the amount of food it normally does. For example, dogs that have degenerative myelopathy will need more vitamin B in their diet, so a vitamin rich brand or type of dog food could be beneficial.


Medication is important to help the dog get well, but before giving any medication to your dog, you have to talk to a vet first. Get the correct prescription and dosage because giving your dog too much or the wrong medication can poison it. But the medication from the vet or from the pet shop and do not give your pet human medicine.


Visit the veterinarian to get a full diagnosis of your dog’s illness. Ask what you can do to help the dog get better as soon as possible.

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