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Ducks as Pets

Ducks have long been established to be among the more exotic variety of pets, a waterfowl which continues to be well loved by children and adults all over the world.

With one of the most famous ducks in the world named “Donald”, a spin off of sorts shot out from Donald Duck’s popularity, taking shape in the popular Duck Tales series by Disney, which featured an animated movie entitled Duck Tales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp which came out in 1990.
Though the movie didn’t exactly cover the particulars and specifics of ducks as a species, the popularity of Duck Tales’ Characters have propelled interests over ducks to higher states, with more and more people adopting ducks as household pets.

Here are some of the things which pet duck owners have come to learn about them.

They don’t really need a pond to survive – As odd as it may sound, keeping ducks as pets doesn’t mean that pet owners need to provide them access to a pond or a body of water. They can do well without it, though allowing them to swim in an enclosed space (to prevent them from escaping) is a nice treat every now and then.

They are not prone to have parasites, nor do they leave behind foul odors – Given their close species-ties with chickens, ducks have long been assumed to have the problems that are often known to come with keeping chickens, including parasites and foul odors. Unlike chickens though, ducks are cleaner.

There are actually “quack” differences between male and female ducks – Though their quacks are a trademark duck attribute, there is actually a difference between the quacking quality of a male and female duck, with the quacks of males being more horse when compared against the quack of a female.

They only require minimal shelter – As pets, ducks aren’t all too fragile when it comes to housing them, only requiring them the chance to feel the sun and the elements when they want to. A well-sized dog house is often enough to suit the housing needs of one or two ducks at a time.

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