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Panthers remain to be among the most popular of big cats, with their dark sheens typically associated with the dark mysterious sides of cats.

With Bagheera from the Jungle Book being one of the most recognized panther characters in the world, Bagheera’s popularity has added fuel to the world’s fascination with panthers, with the Disney produced movie of the story doing its part in making them more and more interesting and popular to children.
However, significant confusion over panthers remain to be, with many not entirely sure over what the panther really is – is it actually a species or just a reference name?

Here’s a quick take in helping resolve such confusions.

The Black Panther – Panthers, generally speaking, are not exactly a species, but is rather a name that is typically utilized in defining a “big cat” with black fur.

Jaguars and leopards with dark furs are therefore included in the panther title, with both being big cats and coming with dark hued furs.

Considered to be among the most “elusive of big cats”, panthers are collectively and unofficially classified as endangered species, based on the fact that both Panthers and Jaguars are known to experience declines in their population numbers.

In the Jungle Book movie, Bagheera is described in IMDB as a panther. Given that panthers are native in Africa, the Americas and in Asia, Bagheera’s presence in the movie fits well with its overall plot, staying true to its base location or environment.

With the movie telling the tale of how jungle animals tried their best to convince a human child who had grown up in the jungle to go back to human settlements, the Jungle Book continues to be a story which is loved by many even until today.

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