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Rabbits, even after all these years, are still popular mainstay characters for children’s books and stories, with different rabbit-based characters having become superstars by their own right.

From Bugs Bunny to Roger Rabbit, they continue to be the animal kingdom’s more popular “ambassadors”, with quite a number of rabbit characters taking on wholesome to more adult personas in the depiction of a story’s plot.
Watership Down, a classic fantasy novel by Richard Adams (with an animated movie adaptation by Warner Bros in 1978), stands to be one of the more endearing “rabbit-based” stories, telling the tale of how a circle of rabbits managed to triumph over the challenges of finding a new home.

Through the story, questions revolving around keeping rabbits as pets have come up and about, and luckily, keeping rabbits as pets is considered to be relatively easy as keeping a pet cat or dog, sans the freedom most cats and dogs are afforded in households.

With a number of vets capable of handling medical cases involving rabbits, the major challenges pet rabbit owners could face would touch up on their dietary requirements and their enclosure needs, given the fact that most rabbits are not as “home-based” as cats and dogs are.

Also, rabbits are not essentially known for responding too well with humans, though this isn’t exactly a universal trait which defines all pet rabbits.

Unlike most cats and dogs, pet rabbits don’t always warm up to their masters, something which a number of pet rabbit owners tend to complain about. Cleaning up after them is basically no different from cleaning up after dogs too, since cats being more keen on keeping themselves clean and tidy.

As with keeping any other type of pet, keeping a pet rabbit requires commitment and dedication, and should not be initiated on a whim. Though they aren’t as interactive as cats or dogs, pet rabbits actually make for good company, especially when they have come to value their relationship with their pet masters.

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