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Rottweilers: Big, Huggable Gentle Giants

Rottweilers are always among the ten most popular breeds of dog mainly because of their massive size yet gentle personality. They suit the name “gentle giants’ pretty well, so much so that they can become so loyal and devoted and sometimes, cool and simple laid-back companions that are most tolerant of children.

These dogs can be tough when the going gets rough, can be terrible when the situation is unbearable, can outsmart anyone that thwarts, can be an extremely protective watchdog when the territory is undermined. Best of all, when Rottweilers are properly trained, socialized and loved, they can be the best – sweet, kind, loving, loyal and such gentle giants to have, to hold and to hug.

However, having a Rottweiler as a pet is not for everyone. Before even wishing to have one, be very well-prepared with its enormous size and challenging temperament. They innately know their strength and has cascaded a confidence from within that makes them strong and powerful. A Rottweiler may think he is in charge when no one else reminds him of love, affection, tolerance and obedience. A good Rottweiler to have is one that obeys authority and sees authority as the source of love, rule and ownership. A happy and properly trained Rottweiler can be perfect friend, without inhibitions, not to mention an exceedingly effective protector – a literally operative watchdog that can do nothing more than just stand there to keep intruders away!

For anyone who is planning to have a Rottweiler or has already done so, remember, this breed requires responsibility and commitment. Other things need to be considered, too like space, time, living conditions, family profile and many others.

It is important to know Rottweilers came from a working-dog breed that managed the herds in the German cattle town of Rottweil in Germany. They are also the popular descendants of the sturdy and powerful Mastiff-like drover dogs famous for its strength in ancient Rome, matching well the power that Rome projected during that era. Because of their intelligence, courage, agility and steadfastness, they became popular police dogs in the early 1900s. Up until today, Rottweilers can be the most effective and protective police dogs and watchdogs of our time.

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