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Sugar Gliders

Sugar Glider… Exotic…Extraordinary… The name alone suggests a flying little sweet thing… but what is it exactly? Looking at those black round eyes, stuffy little noses with wispy whiskers, you will probably mistake them as a tarsier, a guinea pig or another breed of some nosey mouse. Well, to prove these perceptions wrong, here are some known facts about sugar gliders:

* Sugar gliders are small, pocket-sized gliding marsupials coming from the Marsupial mammal family where kangaroos, koalas, possums and the Tasmanian devil belong.  They are native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. Just like the kangaroos, they have an abdominal pouch where they keep their young for months until they are weaned and ready to get ‘out-of-pouch’.

* They love sweets! As their name suggests, sugar gliders prefer sweet nectar and swap in the wild, although fruits and vegetables with some tinge of honey works the same way! With a membrane that connects from its wrists down to their ankles like a bat (although they do not belong to the same family), they can glide flawlessly with such agility and precision.

* Sugar gliders are popularly becoming domestic exotic pets because of their extremely loyal nature. In fact, an SOP for sugar glider care is a time for “bonding” between owner and sugar glider in a little between at least 15 to 30 minutes per day.

* Sugar gliders are nocturnal creatures and are most active during night time. It is a perfect time to feed, bond and play with these miniature marsupial mammals when the sun goes down.

* Sugar gliders are sweet,  smart, affectionate, energetic, and fairly clean pets to have for those who do not have the luxury of space for a dog or cat at home. Having a sugar glider as a pet can be likened to have a pet dog. So why have a dog when you can tuck-in a sugar glider in your pocket and bring it anywhere and anytime?

* Having a Sugar Glider as a pet is definitely not for everyone. It takes time, commitment responsibility. Your presence as the owner means a lot! Being an absentee owner is a No-No. Bonding time is essential. A sad, aloof and defiant sugar glider is what it will become in the absence of love, care and attention.

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