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About Dog Clothes

Furry dogs are as stylish as they come but humans have infectious fantasy world of their own and even dogs take on some of the spirit of their owners and like to wear clean beautiful outfits sometimes. The dog clothes must be easily washable and should not shrink easily. Fabric is very important and if you can sew a little, it can save you much money and come up with better designs and patterns to suit your tastes and your dog's comfort. Avoid using choking hazards to decorate dog clothes such as attractive buttons, sequins or glittering objects that may motivate the togs to chew upon the clothes. Velcro snaps are much better to be used in dog clothes, as they are self-sticking and are quite adjustable to allow for the perfect fit. The clothes should also have a slit or a buckle at the back to allow the leash to be attached to it. The distance between the cuts for the paws should be comfortable for your dog.

Clothes for active dogs and outdoor wear for dogs should be safe and warm. They should be sturdy enough to keep of cuts, scratches and bad weather from affecting your dog while on adventure. Dog garments can be of many types such as dog coats, dog vests and dog booties. They should be able to keep your pooch dry, warm and save it from rain, wind and storm. Latest style of dog clothes may also include reflective materials that make it easy to search the dog and stitching that is not visible on top. Clothes for active dogs are designed especially to keep them from getting scratches and cuts in the woods by the sharp bushes and splintering brambles. Even the long furry dogs may need coats to protect them from chilly winds in cold weather.

The clothes for dogs should have a good fitting. Their coats, vests, boots and hats should not be very tight but should remain securely in place while the dog is on hunt or a hike with you. Rough bushes and elements of weather can be as much a pain in neck as they are to you, so the clothes for outdoors must be sturdy enough to protect them. The type of coat also determines the types of clothes chosen for a dog. Dogs with short hair may suffer more from rain and cold while thick fur may absorb lots of water. Fleece dog clothing is suitable for cold windy days but are not good enough for rain and thorns. For maximum protection, you may choose a dog coat with a warm fleece lining and a durable nylon shell.

A raincoat for a dog can protect him from the rain and cold too. Choose a raincoat with a hat with flaps to cover the ears. A coat that extends to the underside of the dog must have a hole at the rear end to allow the dog to urinate. Thorns and bugs away from the long fur of your canine pal is quite a bonus too. The clothes should allow a full range of motion and should not restrict its motions, especially those of legs. Garments must have clean lines and invisible close stitching that won't get caught easily or may not prompt dog to chew upon. Clothes for particular breeds of dogs are also available at bigger pet stores. They are specially designed to suit their needs and comforts.
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