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How to Best Clothe your Dog

The latest fashion craze and trends are not only concentrated on humans but also on dogs. More and more dog owner are buying dog clothes for their canine friends. This trend is catching on first and has brought about the increase of these clothes into the market. A lot has been said about this but to echo the sentiments of most people it has been said that dog owners enjoy this more than their pets.

There are different breeds of dogs and they may react different to being dressed up. One such breed is the pug which is known to be quite cooperative when being dressed up by their owners. With this said it is important for a dog owner to carefully watch for the reaction of their dog before dressing them. Some dogs will actually run of whenever you remove their dog clothes, this is a clear indication that they are not for the idea.

Pugs have usually very comical and are known to try almost anything at least once. The cold season is one of the best times to introduce your dog to wearing dog clothes. During such a time a sweater would be most appropriate as it would help to keep it warm. When it comes to summer one has to take extra precaution on the type of clothing they select for their dogs no matter how beautiful they look in order to avoid a scenario where your dog overheats. The best to know whether your dog is overheating is when it begins to pant in a very rapid manner. This is the only way through which dogs release their body temperature, when overdressed they will then being to struggle to control their temperature.

When out shopping for your dog you have to place its safety as your first priority. Choose the perfect size of clothing, one which is not too big causing it to trip or one which is too small and uncomfortable bringing it to near suffocation. Buying your dog beautiful clothes and dressing it up is a good thing, however it is very important to make sure this action does not endanger the life or health of your dog. Dog outfit fashion designers have the interest of dogs at hand and have therefore come up with numerous safe outfits for different occasions and seasons. During the holidays you can also include your dog in the fun and the holiday spirit as you dress them accordingly. They will surely enjoy being the center of attention.

It is not within the normal behavior of a dog to dress up. However just like most other activities you can train your dog and have them adapt well to this habit. The best time to start your dog on this is when it is still a puppy. This will allow it to steadily grow and adapt into it. When all is said and done, one has to be careful not to force this on their dog especially when they adamantly refuse to adapt to it.
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