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Smell Dogs Hate

Generally, dogs love going for a walk with their master, eating meat and belly rubs, running her and there and chasing other small animals. Everybody knows that the dogs are very sensitive and have the power to smell and find out the wrong person, but do anybody know that also have some exception in smelling. Yes! Dogs hate some smell.

Actually, the dogs hate many smells in that smell of anything citrus hits the top place in the list.
Dogs’ antipathy for citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit lemons, or food which has this citrus is seen in most of the breeds. Anyway the dog’s hate for citrus smell is useful because it can be used to deter from chewing certain items which you want to keep away from your pet or items which you like to keep it safe.

To find whether your dog hate this smell, you can take any citrus fruit and peel the skin with your hands so that the hands get covered with sticky juice of the fruit and bring your juicy fingers near to your dog’s nose. If the dog runs away with a troubling face, then your dog belongs to the citrus-hating dog breed. If your dog comes near and start licking your fingers, then you don’t have a dog that hates this smell.

If your dog likes citrus smell, it not means that your dog likes all the smell, it has its own taste and it may hate some other smell. Some of the other common odors that are hated by dogs include coffee grounds, eucalyptus oil, cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, lavender oil, pipe tobacco, lemon grass oil,citronella oil, and mustard oil. This particular quality of sense is very useful for all pet masters as they can use that particular smell to protect their things or foods or whatever.
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